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Your Frequently Asked Questions Answered

We’re passionate about dogs and cats, and love talking to people who cherish them. That means your questions and peace of mind are important to us.

If your question is not answered in our FAQ section, or if you’d like to chat about our Biologically Appropriate mandate and foods, and what goes into making them, write or call our Customer Care Team who offer you a prompt and personal Customer Service experience.

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Orijen Whole Prey Food

WE ARE LEADERS. We continually advance our Biologically Appropriate mandate, continually seek out new Fresh and Regional Ingredients, and continually advance our steam-cooking technologies to allow for higher fresh ingredient inclusions. All of which bring ORIJEN foods closer to those Mother Nature would provide, providing you with peace of mind and confidence in your choice of dog or cat food.

MORE FRESH MEATS: ORIJEN`s fresh meat content is unmatched by any other dry dog or cat food on earth, and new ORIJEN contains even more FRESH MEAT content. In fact over half of the meat in ORIJEN foods arrives authentically fresh, which means it arrives at our kitchen daily and are never frozen, exposed to heat or chemical preservatives.

GREATER MEAT DIVERSITY: We include meats, organs and cartilage in specific ratios to more closely mimic the natural diet, reducing the need to rely on synthetic ingredients. In fact, ORIJEN has fewer synthetic ingredients than any other dry dog or cat food.

FRESH FRUITS, VEGETABLES AND BERRIES are delivered daily from local prairie farms and interior orchards to provide essential micronutrients in unprocessed and natural form.

TOP 10 INGREDIENTS: ORIJEN’s top 10 consecutive ingredients are all of premium animal source, and produced exclusively from poultry, fish and meats that are passed as fit for human consumption.

REDUCED GLYCEMIC RESPONSE: By replacing potato with low glycemic fruits and vegetables, we have substantially reduced the glycemic response of all ORIJEN foods.

The Biologically Appropriate concept is simple: Mirror the richness, freshness and variety of meats that dogs and cats would naturally hunt in the wild and for which they are evolved to eat. 5 principles reflect our Biologically Appropriate commitment:


Whole Prey is the evolution of ORIJEN’s Biologically Appropriate mandate; incorporating all of the richly nourishing meats, organs, cartilage and marrow in ratios that are present in the natural diet of dogs and cats, bringing ORIJEN ever closer to Nature’s doorstep.

In the wild, dogs and wolves thrive on whole fish, fowl or game, including nutrient rich liver, heart and tripe for easily absorbed vitamins and minerals, muscle meat for protein and essential amino acids, and bones and cartilage for the calcium and phosphorus needed to nourish their own bodies.
Compare the natural diet to today’s conventional pet foods, which sold as “scientifically formulated” yet are carbohydrate based with little meat, and are loaded with highly processed ingredients. Check the ingredients and you’ll find lists of synthetic amino acids, vitamins and minerals — all of which are needed to replace the natural nutrients missing from their ingredients in the first place, or lost to excessive processing.

ORIJEN Whole Prey mirrors the diet that canines and felines are evolved for, and have been eating, for thousands, if not millions of years — a nourishing balance of fresh meat, organ meats and cartilage in specific ratios, all of which dramatically reduce the need for synthetic ingredients.

Nutrition & Health

Absolutely yes.

As there are so many myths circulating about high protein diets, this is probably one of the most commonly asked questions received at our customer service.

Countless studies published over the last 15 years have roundly debunked the high protein myth (often fueled by multinational and marketing companies that still produce or sell low-protein, grain-based foods).

The truth is simple — high-protein diets are Biologically Appropriate for all breeds of dogs and cats. By better matching the natural diets and anatomical physiology of dogs and cats, higher-protein, lower carbohydrate foods better promote their peak health and conditioning.

Today’s conventional pet foods are lower in protein and high in carbohydrates (40-50%). As carbohydrates are not part of the natural diet, it should come as no surprise that carbohydrates are not nutritionally essential (in any amount) for dogs and cats.

Dogs and cats are evolved to derive their energy from animal proteins and fats, not carbohydrates from grains.

Want more information?

Please see our White Paper, pages 26, 27 – Protein myths.

Or check the “Myths of High Protein” study published by the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Veterinary Medicine.

Please see our Library for more information on this subject.

That’s because the AAFCO has decided not to allow carbohydrate content to be listed in the guaranteed analysis. This is a difficult decision to understand, given that carbohydrates comprise over 50% of many conventional pet foods.

You can always determine carbohydrate content by adding protein, fat, moisture, fibre and ash, and then subtracting this sum from a total of 100%. This will give you an approximate idea of the total amount of carbohydrates present in the food.

No. There is no study in science to show a higher protein diet has any negative effect on the kidneys of dogs or cats. Please refer to the articles in our Library for additional information. http://www.championpetfoods.com/library/

Yes. Due to the high meat content and low magnesium content, ORIJEN is naturally acidic and helps promote a healthy bladder.

It is important that pets that are prone to urinary tract infections or developing urinary crystals are allowed all the fresh water they can drink to help flush the urinary tract and dilute the urine. As ORIJEN is much higher in protein and highly nutrient dense, more water intake may be needed to facilitate digestion. ORIJEN foods have a pH between 5.5 and 6, which is naturally mildly acidic and well suited to the maintenance of healthy bladder function in both cats and dogs.

Definitely yes! ORIJEN has a Biologically Appropriate distribution of energy, where more energy is supplied from protein and less energy is supplied from carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates are an empty calorie, which means they have no essential function in the body and provide only sugar for energy, which converts quickly to glucose in the blood. If carbohydrates are provided in excess (as they often are), they convert easily into body fat.

Protein supplies the same amount of energy as carbohydrate, but has a very different effect on the body. Unlike carbohydrate, protein is essential for life, and is a Biologically Appropriate source of energy.

Yes. ORIJEN PUPPY LARGE BREED is formulated specifically for the growth requirement of Large Breed Puppies.

The American College of Veterinary Nutrition (ACVN) states that growing large breed puppy diets should have a moderate energy intake and an ideal mineral ratio. Our ORIJEN Large Breed Puppy diet is formulated with these specific needs in mind:

1. The energy content in ORIJEN Large Breed puppy is lower than our regular Puppy diet to prevent an excess of energy (calories) and improper growth. Low glycemic carbohydrate sources promote peak conditioning and help manage body weight
2. Calcium is a minimum of 1.2% and a maximum of 1.5%
3. The ratio of calcium and phosphorus is within what is defined as optimal for growing large breed puppies (1.2:1-1.4:1)

If you would like to read more about the needs of growing large breed puppies please visit our Library. http://www.championpetfoods.com/library/

Research into the growth of Great Danes (Nap RC, The Netherlands,) has shown that the protein level of a diet has no significant influence on skeletal development. High protein intake does not result in increased risk for OCD or HD, and there is no effect on the development in the longitudinal growth of the bone. Additionally, while protein does not cause orthopedic problems, other nutrients can.

It is not excess protein that causes joint problems, but over feeding, excessive mineral content, and genetics that can contribute to arthritis and orthopedic problems. Please note that most orthopedic and joint problems are inherited, but puppies and dogs that are overweight have a greater chance of an increase in pain and discomfort, and the potential of developing orthopedic problems as younger animals and arthritis later on in their life.

Absolutely yes! While lower protein diets have traditionally been recommended for senior dogs, this thinking has been roundly dismissed by recent science.As dogs age, a protein-rich diet is especially important for maintaining peak health.

The relationship between carbohydrates and protein is an important factor in the diets of senior dogs. When protein is high, carbohydrates are low. In other words, high protein diets are by nature low in carbohydrates, and that’s great for senior dogs as excessive amount of inappropriate carbohydrates (which are simply sugars) – are that last nutrient needed in any senior dog’s diet.

Please see our White Paper for more information on this subject.

While there are many differences between ACANA and ORIJEN, both diets reflect our belief in the importance of providing diets that are Biologically Appropriate, using ingredients that are Fresh and Regional, and Never Outsourcing any part of the cooking or packaging of our Brands.

Five of the main points of difference are summarized below:

1. MEAT CONTENT: ORIJEN is made with 75-80% meat, while ACANA has between 40 to 65%, depending on the formula.
2. FRESH MEAT: ORIJEN made with up to 50% of fresh meats, compared with ACANA which ranges from 9-30% of fresh meats.
3. FRESH MEAT VARIETY: ORIJEN features a minimum of 6 fresh meats, compared to ACANA which contains 3 different fresh meat ingredients. ORIJEN also features WholePrey ratios including meats, select organs, plus cartilage and marrow, all of which adds another Biologically Appropriate dimension to meat variety.
4. PROTEIN: ORIJEN foods range from 38% to 42% protein, while ACANA features protein levels of 25%-35%.
5. CARBOHYDRATE: ORIJEN diets for dogs have a maximum carbohydrate content of 25%, and 20% in the diets for cats. ACANA diets are typically in the 25-30% carbohydrate range.

Put simply, ORIJEN and ACANA foods mimic the natural eating habits of your cat or dog with high fresh meat inclusions and low inclusion of carbohydrates. Although slightly lower in protein then ORIJEN, ACANA provides an unbeatable value and price point that makes Biologically Appropriate pet foods accessible to a wide range of pet lovers.

ORIJEN’s amino acids are 100% natural in source. All of the amino acids essential to dogs and cats occur naturally in our unmatched fresh meat ingredients. Our WholePrey concept means fresh meats and organs are present in the same ratios your dog or cat would consume in nature, which means no synthetic amino acids are needed.

Compare this to conventional foods, which contain little meat content and even less fresh meat. Because these foods are not formulated with ingredient ratios that match the natural diet, supplementation with synthetic amino acids is essential.

ORIJEN cat foods list Taurine in the Guaranteed Analysis but not in the Ingredient Panel. This is because ORIJEN is rich in fresh meats in WholePrey ratios (in which Taurine is naturally present) and therefore no supplementation is required. Compare to conventional pet food ingredients which do not contain sufficient Taurine in natural form (from meat), and must be supplemented with synthetic Taurine ingredients.

ORIJEN’s calcium and phosphorus is 100% natural in source. Calcium and phosphorus occurs naturally in the edible bone and cartilage present in our meat ingredients. ORIJEN’s WholePrey concept means edible bone, cartilage and marrow are present in the ratios your dog or cat would consume in nature so we don’t need to add any synthetic calcium or phosphorus ingredients. That’s why calcium and phosphorus are listed on the guaranteed analysis but not on the ingredient list!

Compare to conventional foods, which contain little meat content and even less fresh meat. Because these foods are not formulated with ingredient ratios that match the natural diet, supplementation with synthetic calcium and phosphorus is required.

ORIJEN’s fresh meat inclusions are very high. The two largest nutritional components of fresh meat are protein and fat. By using large inclusions of fresh meat we are able to minimize the amount of added fat in our ingredient list.

Compare this to conventional foods, which contain little to no fresh meat. Because these foods are not formulated with ingredient ratios that match the natural diet, supplementation with larger amounts of added fat is required.

Glucosamine and Chondroitin in ORIJEN formulas occurs naturally in fresh meats used to make our foods. ORIJEN’s WholePrey concept means fresh cartilage is included in the ratios your dog or cat would consume in nature.

In fact, ORIJEN contains 75-80% meat and fish ingredients and our fresh meats in particular are a high source of natural glucosamine and chondroitin. That’s why glucosamine and chondroitin are listed on the guaranteed analysis but not on the ingredient list!

Compare to conventional foods, which contain little meat content and even less fresh meat. Because these foods are not formulated with ingredient ratios that match the natural diet, supplementation with synthetic glucosamine and chondroitin is required.

ORIJEN is designed to match the natural diet as closely as is possible in a kibble format. Botanicals are a part of the natural diet for all cats and dogs, and play an important role in bridging the gap between good health and peak conditioning. The botanicals found in ORIJEN are selected by one of North America’s leading Homeopathic Veterinarians.

No. ORIJEN diets range from 2.45mg/kg to 7.3mg/kg of iodine– close to the lower limits for iodine established by AAFCO (In canine diets AAFCO sets a minimum of 1.5mg/kg to a maximum of 50mg/kg). The kelp in ORIJEN is rich in 64 minerals that are in a highly bioavailable organic form.

Feeding Tips

We recommend that you feed twice daily. Simply divide the amount suggested on the feeding guide into two meals, spaced eight to twelve hours apart. You may need to adjust portions as you learn your dog’s ideal daily “maintenance” amount, always keeping in mind that a lean dog is a healthy dog!


Dogs are often fed the same food, which means a sudden food change makes it difficult for their digestive systems to adapt, which is why it’s important to introduce the new food gradually. Going slowly will give your dog or cat time to adjust to their new food and will also reduce the chances of digestive upset.

Start by mixing 25% new food with 75% old food. Slowly change the proportions over the next five to seven days by gradually increasing the amount of ORIJEN and decreasing the amount of old food. At the end of this transitioning process, you should be feeding 100% ORIJEN.


About 70 percent of your dog (or cat’s) body is made up of water, which is vital for cell function and tissue lubrication. In fact, water is more important to your dog or cat than any other nutrient.

When it’s hot, or if your dog is sick, especially with diarrhea, water is even more important. So make sure water is always available, and make sure it’s FRESH and CLEAN!


Many dogs have large appetites and will eat all you feed them. As ORIJEN foods are highly palatable, you need to be careful not to overfeed.

Many stool issues can be corrected by lowering the amounts fed during the day, as loose stool is a common result of over feeding.

Obesity at any age can cause serious health issues. While all of our foods have feeding guidelines printed on the package, every dog is different and these guides really are just a starting point.

Keep a close eye on your dog or cat’s body condition. If he or she looks too thin, feed a little more. If he looks like he is carrying too much weight, scale back a little at a time.

While your dog or cat may act hungry, their body condition is the best gauge of how much to feed. If you’re having problems, just call us.

We all love to give our dogs treats. However, treats should be given in moderation and should represent ten percent or less of your dog’s daily food intake. The rest should come from a nutritionally complete feeding program.For information about our ORIJEN Freeze Dried Treats please use the following link. http://www.orijen.ca/dog-food/freeze-dried-dog-treats/

When using treats frequently, such as during training exercises, try to use the smallest pieces you can.

To see each product’s feeding guide, please click the link below.

ORIJEN Dry Foods

ORIJEN Freeze-Dried Foods

ORIJEN Freeze-Dried Treats


Here at Champion, we sell only what we make. That makes us unique in today’s pet food industry, where a great many pet foods are made by factories with no connection to the brand (private labelled), and product development activities result from sales opportunities, rather than any clear mission, vision or values.

The ORIJEN philosophy is different.

We source our ingredients fresh from our region and we make our foods exclusively within our own award-winning kitchens, Canada. In other words we don’t make foods for other people, and we don’t allow other people to make foods for us.
Making canned food is a very different production process, and almost all canned pet foods in North America are made in one of two very large canning companies. While we could easily follow the industry model and have ORIJEN produced for us cans, we’re just not comfortable with the idea of having ORIJEN made outside of our own facilities, and therefore have no plans for ORIJEN in cans.

That said, ORIJEN Freeze Dried Food is an excellent and Biologically Alternative to conventional canned foods. Unlike conventional canned foods, ORIJEN Freeze Dried Foods are made with authentically fresh ingredients, contain 90% of fresh or raw meats, and are prepared without cooking, so they fully retain all of the natural taste and goodness of our authentically fresh ingredients.

Want more information on ORIJEN Freeze Dried Foods? Please click HERE.


All of our fresh poultry, fish, eggs, red meats and game are of table quality and passed fit for human consumption by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency before arriving at our kitchens fresh each day.

Our chicken, fish and turkey meals and fats are produced exclusively from animals passed as fit for human consumption in facilities that are fully dedicated to this ingredient quality and certified as such by the USDA, FDA and Canadian Food Inspection Agencies (CFIA).

RAW means the ingredient has not been cooked before processing, but has been preserved either by freezing, chemical preservatives, or a combination of both.

FRESH means the meats are never frozen and contain no preservatives. Unlike most commercial pet foods, ORIJEN is made with FRESH REGIONAL MEATS that are delivered fresh each day, and are a key factor in the superior palatability and feeding performance of ORIJEN.

RAW means the ingredient has not been cooked before processing, but has been preserved either by freezing, chemical preservatives, or a combination of both.

FRESH means the meats are never frozen and contain no preservatives. Unlike most commercial pet foods, ORIJEN is made with FRESH REGIONAL MEATS that are delivered fresh each day, and are a key factor in the superior palatability and feeding performance of ORIJEN.

Our fresh chicken and turkey is 100% free-run and comes from Canadian chicken producers in Alberta’s prairies and British Columbia’s beautiful Fraser Valley.

Raised in an open-concept, weather-sheltered barn environment where they are free to roam, feed, roost, and nest, our chicken and turkey are table grade and arrive FRESH EACH DAY so it’s preservative-free and bursting with goodness.

Please visit our FRESH REGIONAL INGREDIENTS page to learn more.

Produced locally, our nest-laid eggs are one of Mother Nature’s most perfect foods. Ours are passed fit for human consumption and then delivered FRESH and WHOLE each day.

Please visit our FRESH REGIONAL INGREDIENTS page to learn more.

FRESHWATER FISH: Our freshwater fish are wild-caught year round from clean, cold northern lakes in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Winnipeg and the Northwest Territories of Canada.

SALTWATER FISH: Our saltwater fish are sustainably harvested by independent fishers from North Vancouver’s pristine Pacific waters, with herring and Flounder caught wild, and salmon are wild or farmed, according to season.
Please visit our FRESH REGIONAL INGREDIENTS page to learn more

Yes. Although our fish are fished from clean northern lakes and the Canadian North Pacific, our suppliers provide heavy metal and mercury test results, for which we also test our final food products.

All fresh fish are passed ‘fit for human consumption’, meet all Government of Canada food regulations for daily consumption and provide a world-class source of DHA and EPA Omega 3 fatty acids.

Please visit our FRESH REGIONAL INGREDIENTS page to learn more.

In place of cereal grains, ORIJEN features low-gylcemic fruits, vegetables and berries — delivered fresh and whole from Western Canada’s fertile prairies and interior orchards.

While conventional foods contain high inclusions of grains and a fraction of fruits and vegetables (usually powdered and of unknown source), ORIJEN replaces unwanted grains with fruits and vegetables that are delivered fresh and whole from our region each day.

Please visit our FRESH REGIONAL INGREDIENTS page to learn more.

We do not source ingredients from China. All of our minerals are produced and sourced in Canada. Our vitamins come primarily from North America, if they are not available here we have four other countries in Europe that we source from, Switzerland, Germany, France and the UK.

For more detailed information on the ingredients contained in our product lines, click on the Ingredients & Preservatives link.

Champion’s ingredients and foods are never preserved with Ethoxyquin or any other chemical preservative.

Ethoxyquin is typically used as a preservative in fish ingredients, and is commonly found in fish ingredients produced within the United States. Champion uses two kinds of fish ingredients in – fresh fish, and fish meals.

FRESH FISH. Our fresh fish is caught wild within our region and arrives FRESH – which is defined as ‘never frozen and with no preservatives’. Our fresh fish never contain Ethoxyquin.

FISH MEALS. Ethoxyquin preservatives are common throughout the fish meal supply chain, so Champion works directly with our fish meal suppliers (no brokers or middlemen) and we pay them a premium to have our fish meals preserved with our proprietary blend of Vitamin E and botanical extracts. Our fish meals are never preserved with Ethoxyquin.

Champion’s Ethoxyquin standard is set at true trace level, not to exceed 5 ppm (parts per million) of Ethoxyquin, which is 0.0005%, or one half of one thousandth of 1% – the lower limit of what most certified laboratories are able to detect or measure.

Champion’s ingredients and foods are never preserved with BHA/BHT or any other chemical preservative.

Champion never adds BHA or BHT (or any other chemical preservative) to our pet foods or ingredients, and all ingredients and foods are preserved with our proprietary blend of vitamin E with botanical extracts.

As BHA and BHT are typically present in pet food ingredient supply chains (for example, BHA and BHT are often present in the feed fed to chickens, turkey or duck) we work with our suppliers to ensure our ingredients enable Champion’s final product standards.

Champion’s BHA, BHT standard is set at true trace level not to exceed 5 ppm (parts per million) of BHA/BHT, which is 0.0005%, or one half of one thousandth of 1% – the lower limit of what most certified laboratories are able to detect or measure.

Quality Assurance

We own and operate our award-winning kitchens in Morinville, Alberta, where we make ORIJEN and ACANA pet foods exclusively. Our Freeze Dried ORIJEN Foods and Treats are produced exclusively in our new kitchen in Oakville, Ontario. It’s simple – we don’t allow our foods to be made anywhere else, and we don’t make any other foods.

At all stages of production and preparation, we utilize both Good Manufacturing Principals – a worldwide system for the control and management of manufacturing and quality testing of foods – and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point Analysis (HACCP) – an internationally recognized and systematic preventive approach to food safety.

Our quality management systems extend well beyond our factory – from our distributor partners and to our ingredient suppliers, all of whom we know and trust. All meat ingredients are approved by the Government of Canada and produced exclusively from animals classified fit for human consumption.

Our fresh meats, including chicken, turkey, eggs, fish, beef, pork, wild boar, bison and lamb are produced within our region in dedicated, federally approved human grade facilities. Our fresh regional ingredients truly meet the AAFCO definition for “fresh,” where refrigeration is their only form of preservation – no chemicals, heat, or freezing!

But perhaps the best assurance of quality is our international reputation of authenticity. At Champion, our foods are never outsourced. You can be assured that ORIJEN is never produced or packaged in any facility other than our own.

Champion Petfoods is proud to be a member of the First Alert Pet Food Recall Program. This is a voluntary effort consisting of a coalition of responsible pet food producers who agree to alert their customers and consumers in the event any product is involved in a recall.

We are committed to the safety of our foods and to the well-being of cats and dogs and the people who love them. In the unlikely event that one of our foods is recalled, we will contact you immediately with information regarding the affected products, reason for the recall, and any steps that may need to be taken. We will post information on our website and will notify the appropriate regulatory agencies.

If you are interested in this program, please email us with the subject FIRST ALERT PROGRAM. By doing this, you indicate your willingness to have your contact information stored and accessed by Champion Petfoods to be used in the unlikely event of a product recall.

This is a question we’re asked a lot, and our position on animal testing is simple – we conduct only those tests in which we would allow our own companion dogs and cats to participate.
If it’s not OK for our dogs and cats, THEN IT’S NOT OK FOR ANY OTHER CATS AND DOGS.

We perform only non-invasive tests, which include palatability (taste), urine pH, digestibility (the latter through stool analysis only) and AAFCO feeding trials.

Packaging & Storage

Ideally, ORIJEN should be stored indoors in a re-sealable container constructed of an inert material such as plastic. The ORIJEN package will also work well provided it is tightly rolled up to maintain airtight conditions after opening.

Refrigeration of ORIJEN is not required and a storage temperature of 10 – 20 degrees Celsius is ideal. Prolonged exposure to higher temperatures increases oxidation and reduces shelf life. Exposure to light also contributes to oxidation. A cool dark storage is preferable.


The best before (BB) date is printed on the back of the bag at the top of the ORIJEN package. We mark ORIJEN bags DAY MONTH YEAR.

From the time the food is produced and packaged at our factory, there is about 15 months until expiry. Heat, moisture and light have the biggest impact on ORIJEN’s shelf life. Once opened please keep your ORIJEN airtight in a container or roll the package up and store is a cool dry place with no direct sunlight (see Storing your ORIJEN above).

When kept in a sealed or tightly closed bag, ORIJEN will remain stable for months.

To keep our foods as fresh as possible, ORIJEN and ACANA foil lined bags are impermeable to oxygen transfer from the outside to the inside and vice versa. Once the bags are sealed, oxygen transfer is impossible. Residual oxygen left in the bag when it is sealed depends on the amount of air pushed out by our air evacuation system (not to be confused with vacuum packing).

Depending on how food enters the package, food density and ambient temperature, some bags will contain more air and some less. While some of our packages will appear vacuumed and others not, the food in each bag will be equally fresh.

ORIJEN Freeze-Dried General Questions

Sure are. In September 2011, Champion acquired Canada’s largest and most advanced freeze-dry kitchens. Since then, we’ve been busy converting our new kitchens from making freeze-dried human foods to the ultimate freeze-dried dog foods and treats.

To advance our Biologically Appropriate™ mandate of matching our foods to the true natural diet of dogs and cats. Freeze-drying is the gold standard of food preservation. Unlike conventional pet foods, ORIJEN freeze-dried foods and treats are prepared without cooking, so they fully retain all of the natural properties of our authentically fresh ingredients.

Absolutely. Here at Champion, we’ve been preparing our own foods in our own kitchens for over a quarter century. We’re passionate about our foods, and prepare every ORIJEN food or treat ourselves, in our own state-of-the-art freeze dry kitchens, where we control every detail of food preparation. We don’t make foods for other companies, and we don’t allow our foods to be made by anyone else. WE WOULDN’T HAVE IT ANY OTHER WAY. WE BELIEVE YOU WOULDN’T EITHER.

Not at all. Dehydration involves using heat to evaporate most of the water in the food. Water is removed in three stages, moving from a solid, to a liquid, to a vapor. During this process, nutrients are lost during the second and third stages and the flavor of the food is changed too. Freeze-drying does not involve cooking, and happens in only two stages, eliminating the liquid stage. This means that water and ONLY WATER is removed, so all of the flavor and nutrients in our fresh, unprocessed ingredients remain intact.

We start by flash-freezing our fresh ingredients to lock in their goodness. Then, using extremely low temperatures (-50°C) and special pressurized chambers, our 18 hour freeze-drying process converts the frozen water in our ingredients directly into vapor, without creating any liquid. That means H20, and ONLY H20 is removed, leaving all of the goodness in the food — EXACTLY WHERE IT SHOULD BE, so ORIJEN freeze-dried foods and treats retain ALL of their life-giving nutrients and taste for a food experience your dog will truly love.

A. There are two primary reasons that attribute to the cost of freeze-dried foods:
• INGREDIENTS: We focus on local ingredients that are sustainably raised, passed fit for human consumption and delivered to our kitchens FRESH. That means our ingredients cost a little more than those typically used in the pet food industry.
• FREEZE-DRY PROCESS: Our freeze-dry process is both delicate and time-intensive — taking 18-24 hours in the freeze-dry chambers before the food is ready for packaging.

Feeding ORIJEN Freeze-Dried Food

Store your freeze-dried foods in a cool, dry and dark place. You can keep the food in its original packaging using the Ziploc feature, or you can use an air-tight food grade storage container. You don’t need to refrigerate the food, just keep it away from heat, moisture and light.

Stored correctly, your freeze-dried ORIJEN will be fine until the best before date marked on the packaging. The best before date will be listed Day, Month, Year

Unless your dog is already on a rotational food program, we recommend a gradual transition to ORIJEN freeze-dried foods. Use the feeding recommendations on the package to determine the correct amount to feed.

The water temperature can be hot, but should not be boiling to avoid burning your dog’s mouth. A temperature of 50-60 degrees Celsius would be ideal. Cold water is fine; but it will take longer to reconstitute the food and somewhat reduce its palatability.

Treat your reconstituted ORIJEN freeze-dried food just as you would raw food. We recommend that you refrigerate any uneaten food immediately. Leftovers may be refrigerated for up to 3 days.

Make sure to wash all surfaces, utensils and your hands after handling raw meat, poultry or fish.

Yes. The best way to do so is by crumbling a small amount of freeze-dried ORIJEN onto ORIJEN dry food. We guarantee your dog will show renewed enthusiasm at meal time.

Mother Nature provides dogs with food that has a moisture content of 80%. We trust her to know best, and therefore recommend you reconstitute the food with
water. Fresh meat is 65-80% water, and adding this moisture content back into the diet brings it back to its natural state. Reconstituting the food adds back the missing moisture content, increases palatability and helps your dog digest the food he is eating



To start, they’re freeze-dried in our very own kitchens using authentically fresh regional ingredients that are unmatched by any other pet food maker. ORIJEN treats reflect our Biologically Appropriate philosophy, featuring unique ingredient blends that up to 100% of fresh and local meats for an incredibly tasty, all natural and Biologically Appropriate treat!

We use the same trusted suppliers that provide our ingredients for ORIJEN and ACANA dry foods, and we’ve added some exciting new suppliers to introduce as well! Please visit our FRESH REGIONAL INGREDIENTS page to learn more about our ranch-raised elk from Morinville, our cage-free eggs from Camrose, and fresh whole our quail to us in North Bay Ontario.

No! We are very excited to announce that we have introduced five exciting ORIJEN Cat treats! Three are formula matched to our ORIJEN dry Cat Foods, and two are whole prey singles featuring ingredients from a single animal source.

We have 8 unique flavors to choose from. Three are formula matched to our ORIJEN dry and freeze-dry foods, and five are whole prey singles featuring ingredients from a single animal source.

Bursting with natural flavors of FRESH meats, game and poultry, raised in our regions by people we know and trust, all ORIJEN treats are loaded with 100% meats, gently-freeze dried and preservative-free to keep your cherished dog happy and healthy.

The treats that you feed should make up no more than 10% of the daily diet you feed to your dog so take this into consideration when deciding how many times you wish to reward your dog.